The Geyers are a family of experienced, professional farmers who know how to grow delicious, nutritious fruit. Their carefully selected Partner Farmers are equally skilled and careful.  All field-grown produce, however, is subject to the effect of regional weather patterns and other growing conditions.

These unpredictable elements can directly affect–both positively and negatively–the quality and availability of the fruit available for a day, a week or for an entire season. Because our harvest areas are localized to specific fields, the impact of weather is greatly magnified versus large-scale production and distribution, simply because it’s not diluted across multiple regions, states or even countries, as we are used to with the year-round produce supplies in grocery stores.

Bottom Line: Farm Share memberships are not a guaranteed purchase of a specific amount of fruit, but rather an investment in the farm and community. This complex, multi-faceted relationship is enjoyed each season by many area families, many of whom renew year after year.