Frequently Asked Questions

What's in a Weekly Share?

Weekly shares for the Summer Season CSA will feature four “units” of fruit. During the 20-week Summer CSA, the type of fruit changes weekly depending on what’s in season, with a much variety as the growing season and local availability can provide.The fruit typically included through the season may include the following, roughly in order of appearance:

  • Several varieties of Strawberries
  • Rhubarb
  • Several varieties of Blueberries
  • Several varieties of Raspberries
  • Several varieties of Cherries
  • Several varieties of Blackberries
  • Apricots (if we’re lucky)
  • Several varieties of Japanese-type Plums
  • Several varieties of Peaches, including white peaches, yellow peaches and “donut” peaches
  • Several varieties of Nectarines, including white nectarines and yellow nectarines
  • A cantaloupe
  • A watermelon
  • Several varieties of Pears
  • Several varieties of Apples
  • Several varieties of European-type Plums
  • Concord grapes, and
  • Anything else we discover along the way that’s really delicious!

During the first few weeks of the CSA, when strawberries are the only fruit available, we will include some early season asparagus or tender spring sugar snap peas in your shares.

Why Join?

Here are some of the top reasons for supporting the farm, cited by Agriberry Farm CSA members from previous years:

  • Consistency and quality of the fruit
  • Variety of fruit, including hard-to-find and heirloom varieties not available elsewhere
  • Belief in the value of family farming in their community
  • Nutrition and health reasons
  • Creating a consistent routine for attending a farmers market
  • Support for the farm’s Young Worker Program

Want to know about some of the additional benefits of the CSA program for members, the farm and the community?

What about vacations and emergencies?
Vacation planning varies by CSA location, so please be sure you understand how to schedule your time away. In general, with a little advance notice, you can schedule a skip/make-up for any remaining delivery week of the CSA season.

Options for handling emergencies also vary by region, and your CSA coordinator will work with you to the fullest extent possible, but refunds will not be provided for missed shares.

When does the CSA start?
As soon as we are harvesting enough strawberries each day to fill the CSA shares, we will begin distributions some time between late-April and early May. Watch for email notifications of the actual start date.
What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept credit/debit card payments in addition to cash and checks. 

Where does the fruit for the CSA come from?
The fruit included in the Agriberry Farm CSA is grown by Agriberry Farm in their fields, or is grown by other family owned and operated farms in the mid-Atlantic region, which are carefully selected by Agriberry Farm. These family-owned and operated Partner Farms are chosen by the Geyers based on their multi-generational involvement, the quality of the fruit they grow, and the safety and sustainability of their practices. The family appreciates the trust you place in them to make those choices.
How many different pickup locations can I have?
We ask that you select a single pickup site for the season at the time of registration. If your schedule changes during the course of the season, you can switch to a different site on a short term or permanent basis. We understand that schedules can vary–sometimes without much warning–and we try to offer you as much flexibility as possible, but options for changing locations vary by CSA region. Please check with your CSA Coordinator for additional details.
May I join once the season has started?
Absolutely! Once the season has begun, we add members as space permits, and costs are pro-rated based on the number of remaining weeks.
Do you allow split shares?

Sure! If you wish to team up for a share, we ask that you designate a “primary” member–usually the one that initiates the registration–under who’s name the share will be listed for pickup. The details and logistics for splitting your share (alternating weeks, dividing each week, etc.) are up to you!